Bone Grafting

Your mouth consists of more than teeth and gums. Bone tissue holds teeth in place and gives structure to the jaw. Sometimes, though, patients have low bone density in places. To reverse this problem, your general dentist may suggest bone grafting.

Dr. Pojtek is a general dentist who performs bone grafting in our Riverview, FL office. This means, you may not need to see an oral surgeon or periodontist for your procedure. Make your appointment with Dr. Pojtek today by contacting us.

Reasons for Bone Grafting

When does bone grafting make sense? Although every case is unique, bone grafts are prescribed for a few primary reasons:

●     The patient needs a cosmetic or restorative procedure that requires improved bone density. The procedure often precedes having a dental implant placed.

●     Due to missing teeth or gum disease, the patient has lost bone structure in part of the jaw.

●     The patient wants to improve the look of the mouth by increasing bone tissue in a particular area or areas.

●     The patient has bone defects and requires a bone graft to preserve a natural tooth and avoid the need for extraction.

How Bone Grafts Work

In bone grafting, the dentist removes bone tissue from one part of the mouth, usually the hard palate on the upper surface of the mouth, and transfers it to the site where bone density is lowest. Bone may also be acquired from a tissue bank or a manmade material may be used. With the grafted material, an accelerating agent is applied to speed the process.

It can take a few months for a bone graft to integrate with existing tissue. Therefore, a bone graft requires patients to commit to multiple office visits.

The Beauty of a Bone Graft

If you’re not familiar with the advantages of undergoing a bone graft, you may not realize the many benefits of the procedure.

Bone grafts help:

●     improve the strength of the jawbone.

●     preserve natural teeth.

●     reverse jawbone damage caused by gum disease.

●     prepare the dental bone graft area for future dental procedures.

●     improve the appearance of the jaw line, gum ridges, and general facial structure.

Getting a Bone Graft Evaluation

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