October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Thank you to the hygienists out there for all that you do. Hygienists do more than “just clean teeth.” They

✏️Review medical history, gaining insight into your overall health
✏️Take X-rays
✏️Perform oral cancer screenings, oral hygiene evaluation, measure bone levels, cavity assessment, fluoride treatment, sealant application, scaling above and below your gums, polishing your teeth.
✏️Teach proper brushing and flossing techniques and educate you on what home care tools are best suited to your oral conditions
✏️Sterilize instruments, disinfect the equipment to ensure everyone’s health and safety 
✏️Administer local anesthesia and maintain their local anesthesia license 
✏️Take continuing education classes to keep their knowledge up to date and offer the best patient care possible
✏️Are compassionate, professional, friendly, detail-oriented and are dental professionals

We love our hygienists!

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